Interactive Dance Stage

Location: In front of The Dance Complex at 536 Massachusetts Ave.
Curated by: The Dance Complex, Green Street Studios, Dance for World Community, and the Boston Dance Alliance in collaboration with Cambridge Arts
Emcee: Peter DiMuro, The Dance Complex; Debra Cash, Boston Dance Alliance; and Elmer Martinez and Hannah Rose Alex, Green Street Studios


12 p.m. 

Green Street Studios: Inside Out

1 p.m.

Joh Camara

2 p.m.

Abilities Dance

2:30 p.m.


3 p.m.

Boston Cendrawish

4 p.m.

Janelle Gilchrist Dance Troupe

4:30 p.m.

Mandingueiros dos Palmares Capoeira

5 p.m.

Hui Lehua

A group of female Indian dancers in traditional and brightly colored dresses. The dancers are mid spin with their dresses splaying out in spectacular movement.
Green Street Studios: Inside Out

This hour of dance presented by Green Street Studios, a non-profit dance and theater space in Central Square, highlights the exciting companies that rehearse, hold classes, and perform at Green Street Studios every day. Enjoy many styles of energetic dance by renowned artists Boston Bollywood (Bollywood), Ruckus Dance (Contemporary), CONcept ARTists (Hip Hop), and Polynesian Dance Arts (Hula & Tahitian). All will inspire you to get up and move!
Boston Bollywood and dancers with Ruckus Dance and CONcept ARTists also perform, rehearse, and lead classes at The Dance Complex. Ruckus Dance is fiscally sponsored by The Boston Dance Alliance.

An African male dancer in traditional light blue shirt and pants is beginning to jump into the air with his arms raised. He smiles broadly at the camera.
Joh Camara

Sidi Mohamed Camara, popularly known as “Joh,” will perform dances from Mail, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. Join him on stage to learn dances of celebration and happiness from West Africa! Joh Camara performs and teaches classes at The Dance Complex.

Three female dancers on a stage bending down and to the left with their left arms extended in front of them. The dancer on the left is looking back at the other two, who look to the left. The dancer in the middle is in a wheelchair.
Abilities Dance

Abilities Dance Boston is a dance company for dancers with and without disabilities. Their work in Abilities is ballet and modern focused with an adaptive twist so that dance is accessible to all. Artistic Director Ellice Patterson’s performing company has appeared in Third Life Choreographer Series, Green St. Studio's SEEDS showcase and Garage Festival, Lacey Sasso & Company's Deeply Rooted, Abilities Expo, HUBweek, Bill Evans Somatic Conference, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, The Series: Vol IV at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre, and more. Ellice Patterson has performed with Green Street Studios and The Dance Complex. Photo credit: Bill Parsons/ Maximal Image.

A group of white female dancers stand in a variety of dramatic positions, with limbs bent and extended, on pavement in front of large group of green trees. The company's logo is on the bottom of the image.

ParadiseMoves will engage the audience in one of their famous “Movement SLAMs,” which are improv movement workshops reflective of their creative process and open and accessible to anybody, no prior experience or training required. This special River Festival SLAM invites all performers, spectators and passers-by into the space to move and play regardless of knowledge or experience. The SLAM will consist of a physical theatre warm-up, guided short-form and long-form improv, dancing, acting, playing around, and moving. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a trained dancer, a first-time mover, or somewhere in between. All you need to participate is an open mind. Come get your body moving, meet new people, and join our community. And above all else, come play! ParadiseMoves performs, rehearses, and holds workshops at The Dance Complex, Dance for World Community, and Green Street Studios.

An Indonesian ban in traditional dress, including white pants and short-sleeved shirt with a gold head dress and a red and gold large ceremonial collar. He stands with legs bent and his right arm raised dramatically. He is outside in front of large, tan building.
Boston Cendrawasih

Enjoy Indonesian dance medleys from Bali, Java, and Sumatra. First, Boston Cendrawasih will perform the Wirayuda dance, a heroic Balinese dance depicting soldiers marching to the battlefield. The second dance will be a Javanese dance named Gambyong, which is traditionally danced by a group of girls in the palace. The third dance will be a Sumatran dance named Piring, which depicts gratitude towards the Gods for a successful harvest season. Finally, the audience will be invited on stage to participate in a Poco Poco dance, a line dance well-known in the Indonesian community.

An African American female ballet dancer in pointe shoes and a white leotard is in an elegant ballet position, mid-dance.

Janelle Gilchrist Dance Troupe

The Janelle Gilchrist Dance Troupe will perform Classical Hop, an electrifying contemporary ballet composition set to a blend of classical, techno, and hip-hop music. Classical Hop features music by Young Mozart and Black Violin and choreography by Janelle Gilchrist. Audience members will then be invited onstage to learn about the choreographic process. Janelle Gilchrist has performed with The Dance Complex, Dance for World Community, Green Street Studios, and City Ballet Boston.

A roda of Capoeira performers with an Afro-Brazilian man in the center, smiling, and facing another standing opponent whose back is to the camera.

Mandingueiros dos Palmares Capoeira
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that synergizes martial arts, dance, music, and culture. Mandingueiros dos Palmares (MdP) will invite audience members to participate in a beginner-friendly, fun, and engaging Capoeira class led by a seasoned instructor. First, community members will learn some basic Capoeira movements in a large group-led experience. The audience members will then interact with current MdP members who will demonstrate how Capoeira operates as a physical language in conversational movements with another person through slow partner work. The focus will not only be on movements through the body, but also through Capoeira music as MdP shares the oral tradition through songs and live instruments. Audience members will then have the opportunity to put all of their newfound skills to practice as they join in a welcoming “roda,” the Capoeira circle where we play. MdP holds classes at The Dance Complex.

Two female hula dancers in orange dresses dance on either side of a male hula dancer. All three have green leis and their arms extended towards the camera. They are outside on grass.

Hui Lehua

Hui Lehua will perform "Na mele hula o na wahi pana." This collection of Hawaiian hula place-dances celebrates favorite natural treasures and illustrates the importance of care for land and water resources.