Interactive Arts

Ongoing throughout the day

Large blue puppet of a face with hands extended forward on the left hand side of the photo. The sun shines directly into the camera from the center right of the photo.The Puppeteers' Cooperative
Location: Carl Barron Plaza, Mass Ave. at Prospect St.
Puppet Making: 11am – 2pm
Puppet Introductions: 2:30 – Mermaid Promenade Start

Join the Puppeteers' Cooperative to make colorful swimming fish puppets that you can march with in the Mermaid Promenade. There will also be the opportunity to learn about and try on professionally made puppets that you can wear in the parade while marching with The Puppeteers' Cooperative.

An orange truck with a yellow snow plow. The snow plow is yellow with multi-colored painted hand-prints on it.
Paint a Snow Plow
Location: Intersection of Essex St. and Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge’s paint-a-plow project brings the community together to create a mobile piece of public art that brings smiles to peoples’ faces during what can sometimes be a tough winter season. The paint-a-plow project is modeled after similar initiatives in other states and was developed through a collaboration between the Cambridge Department Public Works, the Cambridge Arts Council, and local student artists. Come imprint your painted hand onto one of the City’s snow plow blades!

A man kneels down and rolls what looks like paint onto words that are raised from the ground.
Sidewalk Poetry Steam Roller Printing
Location: Intersection of Douglas St. and Massachusetts Ave.

For the past five years, poems by Cambridge residents have been pressed into city sidewalks as part of the Cambridge Sidewalk Poetry Program, a partnership between Cambridge Arts, the Cambridge Department of Public Works, and the Cambridge Public Libraries. Join us as we print a selection of the winning poems—this time using a 2-ton steamroller to transfer ink to paper.

An African woman with a brightly colored hat and dress holds a large basket of lemons. The background is exploding with colors (green, orange, blue) behind her.
Keep the Earth Bountiful: Interactive Mural Painting with Liz LaManche
Location: Intersection of Main St. and Sidney St.

Women small-scale farmers produce much of the world’s food and are now on the frontlines against hunger and climate change. Help us celebrate these “Female Food Heroes” as we paint and embellish a lush mural about them and a bountiful Earth. Supported by Oxfam: Find out how you can help women farmers worldwide to ensure a healthy food supply for us all.

Water bottles are strung together creating an overhead canopy.

Changing Courses by Robyn Reed
Sponsored by Guayakí Yerba Mate
Location: Market Square Park, intersection of Green St. and Sidney St.

Changing Courses takes an innovative approach to recycling by using plastic water bottles collected from the neighborhoods in Boston, Cambridge, and the waterfront to create an artistic representation of marine life. When strung together, the individual sculptures create a powerful school of fish, swimming upstream against the tide of plastics polluting our oceans and rivers. The idea is to inspire a “change of course” in how we think about single use plastics and to encourage the public to become more proactive with limiting their use of these plastics and recycling them when they are used. It aims to raise awareness of how much plastic waste we generate every day and how quickly it can accumulate in our oceans and rivers. Each bottle also represents a conversation the artist has had with someone about the urgent issue of reducing single use plastic. Art activity sponsored by Guayakí Yerba Mate. Learn more about them on their website:

Children and adults learn about an art activity in a park.
Printmaking and Paper Surface Design
Location: Market Square Park, intersection of Green St. and Sidney St.

Drop in to the Maud Morgan Arts (MMA) Interactive Arts tent to explore color and texture! MMA will introduce a variety of materials and experiment with printmaking techniques. Press, fold, and use color to design and dye your own paper banner. Create organic spheres with bubble prints, and more!

Three temporary walls with many colorful artworks are placed in an all white room. One chair and three stools are placed in front of them.

GPS: Gallery Possibility Space
Location: Market Square Park, intersection of Green St. and Sidney St.

GPS: Gallery Possibility Space is a platform for pop-up art exhibitions. This project breaks down the white-walled art gallery, literally, and packs it up to be moved anywhere and then be reassembled. Art is an effective method of encouraging conversation and proactivity within communities. Spaces that typically wouldn't offer the ability for intimate art viewing are recontextualized by GPS, making art and creativity more accessible.

Two woman carry a large white banner that says "RESIST" down a city street.

Mermaid Promenade Banner
Location: Market Square Park, intersection of Green St. and Sidney St.

Julz Roth will lead the community in creating a spray paint mermaid banner that will help lead the Mermaid Promenade. Community members will be able to paint and walk with the banner in the parade!

A fence painted purple with a large black moose painted on it. Illegible writing is also painted throughout the fence.
Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bear’s Ville Fence
Location: Corner of Franklin St. and Brookline St.

A Central Square treasure and cultural point of intrigue, Peter Valentine, who started the Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bear’s Ville fence in 1991, describes it this way: “On the fence is written a panorama of sounds and thought modalities bumping into one another to produce the sense of mystical mind that is necessary to understand life in the way that it should be understood, in the way that produces wonder and interest…The Fence is a living energy which evokes the viewers’ divine essence from their deep cosmic self.” Come view the Cosmic Moose Fence in all its inspirational glory!

A woman painted in all white, including her skin, stands with her hand extended and holding an all white parasol.Snow, Living Statue

Snow, Living Statue is the descendant of a glacier and an iceberg; a mesmerizing, monochromatic island of magic amidst the color and chaos of the festival. At the drop of a dollar, she comes gracefully to life to the delight of the young and young at heart.

Four characters in painted body suits pose on a grassy lawn. There is a character in white with black designs, red with blue designs, green with yellow designs, and blue with white designs.Fine Art Superheroes

Fine Art Superheroes are wearable-art characters created by visual artist Basil El Halwagy. El Halwagy creates costumes and then collaborates with dancers, who will move through the festival in intuitive, site-responsive ways, while offering participants tiny digital gateways into a dialogue about superheroes, epic characters, contemporary mythology, and why we need new superheroes for the 21st century created by artists.