Firefighters quickly located, contained, extinguished, & overhauled the fire in the roof of the Porter Square Shopping Center

6/26/20243 weeks ago

On Tuesday evening, June 25, at 825 pm, Box 7 was transmitted for the fire in the roof of the Porter Square Shopping Center on White Street in Porter Square. Due to the awareness of the caller who immediately called Emergency Communications to report smoke, and quick response and aggressive action by firefighters, a devastating loss was avoided.
The fire was quickly extinguished and the area was overhauled, limiting further extension. No injuries were reported and the cause is under investigation.

Engines 4, 8, 1, and Somerville Engine 1; Ladders 4 and 1; Rescue 1; Squads 4 and 3; and Division Chief 2 worked at the fire.

Group 2 was on duty.
Cambridge Police Department officers also worked on scene for traffic diversion & pedestrian safety in the area.

S[pecial thank you to the staff of Cambridge Emergency Communications who handled this call and the ensuing radio traffic along with movement of apparatus for numerous other simultaneous incidents ongoing on a very busy Tuesday night.


Photos by @857photos

Box 7 - 25Jun2024 JTague - 1

Box 7 - 25Jun2024 JTague - 2

Box 7 - 25Jun2024 JTague - 3

Box 7 - 25Jun2024 JTague - 4