Cambridge Firefighter on SURVIVOR


Survivor contestant Jeremy Collins

Fourteen year veteran Cambridge firefighter Jeremy Collins will be a participant in the 27th season of the CBS television series SUVIVOR, this year being called: Blood Vs. Water 2.  He joins his wife and sixteen other cast members on the coast of Nicaragua in an area known as San Juan Del Sur for 39 days of team and individual contests and challenges in the hopes of surviving to the end and winning one million dollars. 

There are nine pairs of individuals, related in some way, that will be placed on two separate teams.  Every three days a challenge between teams will force the losing team to vote off one member.  Eventually the remaining members from each team will merge into one group and the challenges will continue, as will the voting off of a member until a final three is reached, who are then voted on to win the million dollars by those voted off.

A major obstacle to doing well during the show is finding enough to eat, as the show only provides water and limited amounts of rice, leaving the contestants to scramble to find other food sources in the surrounding habitat.  In a strategy that goes against what most people would do facing 39 days of constant hunger, Jeremy lost 10 pounds just before the show started.  "I wanted to shrink my stomach so I'd be used to being hungry.  I worked out hungry and slept hungry in order to train myself to be ready for what we would encounter, to be able to do well and win contests and challenges."

The show's host, Jeff Probst, said Jeremy is, "...a super likeable guy.  He has such a great social way about him...."

During the show Jeremy can be seen wearing his Cambridge Fire Department tee shirt numerous times.  We hope he'll be seen wearing it all the way to the finals.

Good luck, Jeremy!

Note: The show airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm., on CBS.  Here is a link for more information: Survivor