The class traveled to the MA Department of Fire Services Fire Academy in Stow for Flashover Simulator training

12/28/20221 year ago

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 Today the recruit firefighters traveled to the Stow campus of the MA Department of Fire Services - Massachusetts Firefighting Academy to go through the Flashover Simulator. This training is a great learning experience that could prevent serious injury & save their lives.


Under live fire conditions, the prop shows the the heat & fire gases movement & the signs of a pre-flashover condition.
Obviously the heat is extremely high & the firefighters remain as low as possible, fully dressed in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and on SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).


Note the use of the TICs (Thermal Imaging Cameras) to track the heat movement.


Thank you again to the firefighter instructors as well as the staff of the MA Department of Fire Services staff for sharing the knowledge, experience and use of the simulator.

Flashover simulator training 4

Flashover simulator training 1

Flashover simulator training 2

Flashover simulator training 3

Flashover simulator training 5