Fire companies responded to an extraordinary number of emergency calls for service

2/23/202316 months ago

Nearly three weeks ago in the 2-day period of Friday & Saturday, February 3rd and 4th, 2023 during some of the coldest weather experienced in over 50 years, fire companies across the city responded to numerous emergency calls for service. Weather conditions dropped to -10 degrees while the wind chill approached -50 degrees.

Responses included multiple struck boxes, fire alarm activations, electrical hazards, elevator rescues, water problems, emergency medical calls, as well as a prolonged technical rescue at the Alewife MBTA parking garage. During this time period, Cambridge fire companies also worked at two structure fires in our mutual aid communities.

In this short time period, Engine 2 (from Lafayette Square) made 70 emergency responses while Ladder 3 (also from Lafayette Square) made 60.

Engine 1 & Ladder 1 (both from Headquarters) made 59 & 58 emergency runs respectively. Every company across the city was extremely busy with almost non-stop responses. Fire Department members worked continuously under extreme conditions at numerous incidents and handled them all professionally and safely.

The staff of the Cambridge Emergency Communications Department should also be acknowledged. They handled hundreds of emergency calls, continuous radio traffic & managed to keep the city well covered during prolonged incidents while fulfilling our mutual aid commitments. They handled all public safety challenges professionally & urgently.

Nice job by all!

Collage for busiest days during extreme cold Feb 3 and 4, 2023