Cambridge Retirement Board Meeting


Sheila Tobin Conference Room 100 CambridgePark Drive, Suite 101 Cambridge, MA 02140

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  1. Cambridge Bancorp Presentation
  2. Cambridge Bancorp representatives Denis Sheahan and Michael Carotenuto will present their report to the Board.
  3. Minutes
  4. Vote to consider the regular minutes of the meeting held on December 2, 2019. Vote to consider the executive session minutes of the meeting held on December 2, 2019. Vote to consider the minutes of the investment review meeting held on December 5, 2019.
  5. Warrants
  6. Vote to consider payment of warrant #24 in the amount of $7,618,049.48 and Warrant #1 in the amount of $120,359.36.
  7. Superannuations
  8. Vote to consider the Superannuation retirement applications submitted by: Sidney Cox, Master Mechanic, Dept. of Public Works with forty-five years, five months; Kenneth Hugh, Lieutenant, Fire Dept. with forty-one years, eight months; Craig Kelley, City Councillor with eighteen years; Charles McIsaac, Housing Inspector, Inspectional Services Dept. with twenty years, eleven months; Michael Robbins, Working Foreperson, Dept. of Public Works with nineteen years, eight months; Debora Robertson, Registered Nurse, Cambridge Health Alliance with thirty-three years, one month; Emma Watkins, Director, Dept. of Human Services with twenty-three years, ten months.
  9. Redeposits / Make-up / Liability
  10. Vote to consider the request for make-up of contributions requested by: 1. Stephen E. Bikofsky, 1 month (pro-rated) 2. Yliana Cortes, 9 years 8 months 3. Emily Cyr, 2 years 6 months (pro-rated) 4. Keith Fay, 1 year 2 months (pro-rated) 5. Katrina G. Ferguson, 1 year 6 months (pro-rated), requesting acceptance of liability 6. Stephanie R. Gaboury, 1 year (pro-rated) 7. Jeffrey Lee, 11 months (pro-rated) 8. Patrick F. Lessage, 8 months (pro-rated) 9. Ariana McMahon, 4 months (pro-rated) 10. Christopher Melendy, 10 months (pro-rated), requesting acceptance of liability 11. John L. Poirier, 1 month (pro-rated)
    12. Timothy J. Puopolo, 5 months (pro-rated), requesting acceptance of liability 13. Arianna M. Saunders, 1 year (pro-rated) 14. Anne R. Shriver, 6 months (pro-rated), requesting acceptance of liability and vote to consider the redeposit of refunds requested by: 1. Aboma B. Dirbaba, 5 years 11 months 2. Maria A. Douglas, 4 years 3 months
  11. Refund Applications
  12. Vote to consider four refund applications submitted in December.
  13. Accidental Disability Benefit - Paul Neal
  14. Vote to consider the reports of the medical panel in the Accidental Disability application filed by Paul Neal, a Firefighter. Mr. Neal is not represented by an attorney.
  15. Accidental Disability Application - Brandon Woolkalis
  16. Vote to consider the Accidental Disability application filed by Brandon Woolkalis, a Sergeant in the Police Dept. Mr. Woolkalis is represented by Attorney Thomas Gibson.
  17. Interest Rate Policy for Correction of Errors
  18. Vote to consider creation of a policy on payment of interest for cases where the Board is correcting an error.
  19. PERAC Memos
  20. Memo #25 re: New Fraud Prevention Poster Memo #26 re: 2019 Disability Data
  21. Old Business
  22. New Business
  23. The Board may discuss items which were unanticipated at the time that the agenda was created.
  24. Executive Session
  25. Chairman's Report
  26. Executive Director's Report
  27. FYI
  28. Notice of Retiree Deaths Correspondence from Attorney Quirk re: SJC Decision in the Matter of Plymouth Retirement Board vs. CRAB, PERAC and A. Gomes Segal Marco Advisors 2020 Client Conference Correspondence and supporting documents from Randi Mail re: Local Option Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill Lazard Portfolio Review - November 2019 RhumbLine Advisers names Denise D'Entremont President
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