Cambridge Biosafety Committee Meeting


Windsor Community Health Center, 119 Windsor Street, Large 2nd floor conference room (top of the stairs), Cambridge.

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Sam Lipson
(617) 665-3838


The Cambridge Biosafety Committee meeting meets on a monthly basis so that members may conduct its oversight activities as granted under the Cambridge Recombinant DNA Technology Ordinance (Chapter 8.20) and the Cambridge Biosafety Regulation of 2009.

Cambridge Biosafety Committee Agenda

Thursday, July 25, 2019 – 3:00 pm 
119 Windsor Street

Link to Agenda PDF


Directed Genomics (Dawn Thompson) will present a request for a new BSL-2 ONLY permit for their facility at 99A Erie Street
VL56 (Brian Collins) will present a request for a new BSL-2 ONLY permit for their facility at 200 Sidney Street, 2nd Floor.  A co-located lab group (VL58) is also seeking to operate under this permit.
Vor Biopharma (John Lydeard) will present a request for a new BSL-1/BSL-2 permit for their facility at 215 First Street, 4th Floor.
VL66/VL67 (Sebastian Trousil) will present a joint request for new BSL-2 ONLY permits for the facility operated by Inzen at One Kendall Square, Bldg 1400E, 2nd Floor

Old Business/Site visits

May 21Celgene Avilomics Research (200 CambridgePark Drive) BSL-1/BSL-2 amendment walkthrough
May 21Invaio Science (75 Moulton Street) BSL-2 ONLY amendment walkthrough
May 21EdiGENE (51 Moulton Street) new BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough
May 22Ipsen Biolabs (650 E Kendall Street) new BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough
May 22ElevateBio (790 Memorial Drive, 3rd Floor) new BSL-1/BSL-2 walkthrough
June 6Generation Bio (301 Binney Street, 4th Floor) new BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough
June 21 – Sana Biotechnology (21 Erie Street) new BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough
July 2 – Ohana Biosciences (325 Vassar Street, 1st Floor) amendment BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough
July 17 – Sherlock Biosciences (35 Spinelli Place) new BSL-1/BSL-2 walkthrough
July 19 – Millennium Takeda (40 Landsdowne Street) amendment BSL-2 ONLY walkthrough

New Business

Announcement for new Cambridge Biosafety Committee member (draft)


Cambridge Biosafety Committee meeting calendar for 2019-2020
All meetings begin at 3:00 pm

September 19, 2019
October 17, 2019
November 21, 2019
December 19, 2019
January 16, 2020
February 20
March 19
April 16
May 21
June 18

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