Human Rights Commission Meeting


2nd Floor Conference Room
51 Inman St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Crystal Rosa



1. Call to order

2. Public comment 

3. Review and approval of November 2018 minutes

4. Executive Director’s Report 

5. November meeting follow up: 
• Baby U – Lead Law/Family Status discrimination – Nadia update. Possible outreach to January-March Saturday classes? Volunteers? [dates/times?]
• CT Human Rights Cmsn Guidance on Non-discrimination in Hiring Veterans (Kuong Ly) – discussion

6. New Business: 
• Votes for CHRC Chair/Vice Chair for 2019
• Universal Declaration of Human Rights Reading 12/10/18 at 11:30 AM @ Main Library- volunteer readers? Outreach table?
• Online discrimination intake form – English version online 5/30/18. Spanish/Kreyol translations now online
• FHO:  awaits Legislative ruling on Home Rule petition

7. Outreach:
• Outreach to CRLS Guidance Counselors – they may know about students’ family housing issues?  (Michael K)
• Potential new sites for CHRC presentations: Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge Libraries, Vet’s Services, CRLS

8. Future Planning
• CHRC/LGBTQ+ Cmsn Collaboration: Public Accommodations Law Trainings for Licensed Businesses – POSTPONED – Working with License Cmsn to plan outreach to licensees and timing of presentation(s)

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