BridgeStat - August 2011

Crime in Cambridge: 1/1/11 to 8/29/11

● A dramatic decline of 100 incidents when compared with the previous 4 weeks has been  the springboard for the crime rate in Cambridge to dive from 3% to a 5% drop in serious crime in 2011, and when measured against the 5-year weighted average, the Part 1 Index has fallen by 10%. The majority of this decrease in 2011 can be attributed to significant reductions in larcenies from motor vehicles and from the person.

● A detailed analysis of all statistics indicates that there were 107 fewer property crimes recorded so far in 2011 to record a 5% decrease when compared with the first eight months of last year. Property crimes registered a decline of 10% when measured against the 5-year weighted average for a time span between 1/1/11 and 8/29/11. Over the first 8 months of 2011, there have been 3 less violent crimes reported in Cambridge, which translates to a 1% drop. When measured against the 5-year weighted average, violent crimes are 7% below the projected number of 289 for the first 35 weeks of the year.

● The decline of larceny from motor vehicles at 39% below the 5-year weighted average for this target crime continues to be the most positive indicator to report so far this year.  There were 151 fewer thefts from vehicles through 8/29/11 when compared with the same time period in 2010. All property crimes were down when measured against the previous 4 weeks of this year.

View the full BridgeStat - August 2011 crime report (PDF).

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