BridgeStat - March 2012

Crime in Cambridge: 1/1/12 to 4/2/11 

• There has been a 34% ascension in serious crime in Cambridge when compared with the first quarter 2011 and a 14% hike when measured against the 5-year weighted average for this timeframe. The majority of this increase can be attributed to the overall increase in larceny (38%), with 166 additional thefts reported when compared with the first three months of 2011. A detailed analysis of all statistics indicates that there were 200 additional property crimes recorded in the first 3 months of 2012 to register a 36% surge when compared with January 1 - April 2 of 2011.

• Larceny from MVs have soared 75% above last winter when the majority of cars in Cambridge were buried under 70 inches of snow. A better barometer of this index crime’s rate is the 5% incline (8 thefts) above the 5–year weighted average for breaks into cars. 2 major hot spots have fueled the surge in car breaks. There have been 66 MV breaks in the Peabody / North Cambridge neighborhoods since the beginning of the year, accounting for 40% of the city-wide total. The arrest of 2 career auto prowl thieves on March 13th, 2012 has slowed the onslaught of this series but sporadic activity still persists in these neighborhoods

• There was an escalation of Violent crimes of 19% (16 additional incidents) when compared to the first 3 months of last year and a gain of 7% when placed against the 5-year weighted average. The numbers for both aggravated assault and robbery bounded upward over the previous 4 weeks, but these increases should be tempered by the exceptionally low numbers for these crimes in February 2012.

View the full BridgeStat - March 2012 crime report (PDF).

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