Crime Reports

The Cambridge Police Department’s Annual Crime Reports, produced by the Crime Analysis Unit, are an attempt to provide detailed information so that citizens can make informed decisions about crime and safety in their neighborhoods. The more information made available to the public, the better the input will be in aiding the Police response to crime.

The publication of detailed neighborhood crime statistics, patterns, and trends gives Cantabridgians a realistic view of their risks of victimization. The Neighborhood and Business District sections within the Annual Crime Report are designed to help residents, business owners, and visitors have a fuller understanding of crime problems in their areas.

These reports outlines three distinctions that make up criminal incidents: (1) whether offenses are committed against strangers or against relatives and acquaintances; (2) the motivation of the criminals—drugs, revenge, or intimidation are but a few of the factors that motivate both novice and career criminals; and (3) when and where crimes occur, focusing on where the hotspots are and the best time frames for the majority of the incidents. Outlining these factors is imperative to understanding the anatomy of crime in Cambridge, and to developing appropriate responses.

The rise and fall of the crime rate will always be with us. To hold that tide in check, it will take a partnership comprised of not just the Police and citizens, but also every city agency, the business community, public service providers, and church leaders.

The goal of our Annual Reports is to provide this partnership with the knowledge to ensure the desired quality of life in all the neighborhoods of the City.  For older reports, including quarterly crime reports and monthly BridgeStat releases, please visit our Publications page.

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