Neighborhood Sergeants Program

In order to have a more diverse group within the police department participating with the outreach activities in the neighborhoods, a system of geographic responsibility was established in 1997.  The officers involved are assigned to each of the City's neighborhoods (Neighborhood Sergeants) and each of the five sectors (Sector Lieutenants).  These supervisors are primarily responsible for much of the outreach and problem-solving activities in their neighborhood or sector. 

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A listing of all Sector Lieutenants and Neighborhood Sergeants with their photos and contact information can be found below:

Sector 1

Superintendent Jack Albert

Lieutenant David Schofield

East Cambridge 

Sergeant Joseph DeSimone

Email: East Cambridge Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339


Sergeant Steven Magalhaes

Email: Inman Harrington Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

  Sgt. Desimone

Sgt. Joseph DeSimone

Sgt Magalhaes

Sgt. Steven Magalhaes 

Sector 2

Deputy Superintendent Robert Lowe

Lieutenant Silveiro Ferreira

The Port

Sergeant Steven Magalhaes

Lieutenant Anthony Macone

Email: The Port Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339


Sergeant John Gardner

Email: Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Sgt Magalhaes

Sgt. Steven Magalhaes

Sgt Macone

Sgt. Anthony Macone

Sgt. Gardner

Sgt. John Gardner

Sector 3

Deputy Superintendent Robert Lowe

Lieutenant Steven Donahue


Lieutenant Casey McGrath

Email: Cambridgeport Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339


Sergeant John Fulkerson

Email: Riverside Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Sgt. McGrath

Lt. Casey McGrath

Sgt. Fulkerson

Sgt. John Fulkerson
Central Square/Harvard Square

Sergeant Buckowe Yam

Sergeant Anthony Bongiorno

Email: Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Sgt Yam

Sgt. Buckowe Yam

 Sgt Bongiorno

Sgt. Anthony Bongiorno

Sector 4

Deputy Superintendent Stephen Ahern

Deputy Superintendent Dennis O'Connor

West Cambridge

Sergeant Thomas Glynn

Email: West Cambridge Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Cambridge Highlands & Strawberry Hill

Sergeant Louis Cherubino

Email: Cambridge Highlands Sergeants

Email: Strawberry Hill Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Sgt. Glynn

Sgt. Thomas Glynn
Sgt. Cherubino

Sgt. Louis Cherubino

Sector 5

Deputy Superintendent Stephen Ahern

Lieutenant John Lang

Agassiz & North Cambridge

Sergeant Susan Kale

Email: Agassiz Neighborhood Sergeants

Email: North Cambridge Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339


Sergeant Sean Peterson

Email: Peabody Neighborhood Sergeants

Phone: 617-349-9339

Sgt. Kale

Sgt. Susan Kale
Sgt. Pterson

Sgt. Sean Peterson

Below is a map of the neighborhoods in Cambridge to which the above Neighborhood Sergeants are assigned.  For a downloadable version of the map, click here.

Neighborhood Map


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