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Be Proactive & Prevent Your Packages from Being Stolen This Holiday Season


Be Wary of Package Thieves

It's Cyber Monday and the Cambridge Police Department once again expects package thefts to increase this holiday season, particularly with more residents expected to do their shopping online rather than in-person because of COVID-19.

This year, the number of reported package thefts from doorsteps and lobbies has already increased 104 percent through the first 10 months of 2020 versus the same time frame last year (216 versus 106). Mid-Cambridge (#1), Peabody (#2), Cambridgeport (#3), The Port (#4) and Riverside (#5) have been the neighborhoods most widely impacted.

The Cambridge Police are once again taking proactive measures to deter package thefts this holiday season. Using a data driven-approach, officers will be increasing their patrols in the locations and during the times in which a higher volume of thefts have been reported. If you ever have a package stolen from you, please ensure all crimes are reported.

CPD wants to remind residents to follow these tips to help protect themselves and their packages:

•  Track your packages online, so you have a better idea when it is scheduled to arrive, and/or sign up for delivery alert notifications.
•  Request that your packages arrive when/if you plan on being home.
•  If you do need to travel, place a hold on your package until you return to keep your parcel safe.
•  Have your packages delivered to your work address in the event that you are not able to be home.
•  Consider utilizing "store pickups" and pick up your items at your convenience.
•  Consider installing a security camera or utilizing lockboxes that provide access codes to delivery companies.
•  If you’re suspicious or have experienced this type of activity, report it to the Cambridge Police Department immediately by calling 617-349-3300 even if you have reported it to the Postal Service or a delivery company.



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