Cambridgeport Continues to be Targeted with Housebreaks


After warning Cambridgeport residents of an increase in housebreaks less than two weeks ago, the Cambridge Police Department is reinforcing its warning as  residents continue to be victimized.

In the past five weeks, 12 housebreaks have been reported in Cambridgeport on the following streets:

  • Sidney Street
  • Brookline Street (2)
  • Chestnut Street
  • Kelly Road
  • Magazine Street (2)
  • Williams Street
  • Florence Street
  • Henry Street
  • Pleasant Street
  • Hamilton Street

Nine of the 12 breaks occurred on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday and the typical timeframe was between 1-6 p.m. Entry into the homes occurred via a cut screen or unlocked opening in nine of the 12 housebreaks.  

Since the initial October 31st Citizen Alert, a suspect has been identified and a warrant has been issued for the suspect connected to the Chestnut Street housebreak.

The Cambridge Police Department urges residents to “see something, say something” and immediately report ANY crime, attempted crime or suspicious activity. Everyone in the neighborhood can make their area safer by being more vigilant. If you suspect suspicious activity around your home or in your neighborhood, please report it to the police immediately by calling 617-349-3300 or 9-1-1, if it’s an emergency.  

Cambridge Police have directed extra attention to this area, but are encouraging motorists and homeowners to take the following precautions to protect themselves and their belongings from theft:

  • ALWAYS lock your doors and windows at your home, particularly your basement door(s) and if they can be accessed by a fire escape. Install guards on windows that prevent them from being raised more than a few inches.
  • NEVER prop open a door or let someone in behind you if you live in an apartment building and don’t know them.
  • Install motion sensor lights around your home and out of reach.

Additional tips to help you protect your vehicles and belongings from theft can be found at For more information about crime in Cambridge, please reference the latest edition of BridgeStat located at



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