Office of the Commissioner

The Office of the Commissioner oversees the Police Leadership Team, the Professional Standards Unit, the Office of Planning, Budget & Personnel, the Office of Procedural Justice, the Public Information Office, and the Auxiliary Police.

About Commissioner Bard:

Police Commissioner Branville Bard

Branville G. Bard, Jr. was appointed Police Commissioner for the City of Cambridge Police Department in August 2017. 

Bard joined the Cambridge Police Department after serving as the Chief of Police and the Director of Public Safety for the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Police Department. Under his leadership at the fourth largest Housing Authority in the country, significant crime reductions were realized, police relations with citizens who reside in the Housing Authorities developments drastically improved, citizen complaints declined and a defunct Police Advisory Board was reestablished. Prior to this, he served in numerous positions for the Philadelphia Police Department, including Police Inspector, and Police Captain for the 22nd District, which is the largest police district in the city for assigned personnel. There, the District piloted many crime-reduction strategies, including Philadelphia CeaseFire Cure Violence, data-driven efforts, Summer Foot Beat Initiative, Focused Deterrence Policing and Intelligence-led policing efforts.  

He holds a Doctorate in Public Administration from Valdosta State University and has received numerous awards and certifications in his distinguished policing career.

A Message from the Commissioner:

It is a tremendous honor to lead this nationally renowned and accomplished department.

For me the most fulfilling aspect of working in policing has been in the building of meaningful working relationships with members of the communities where I have served. To be meaningful, a relationship must be built on trust; for me, this has always meant that we as police must continually show that we are worthy of the public’s trust. I have found that as long as we continually show that we are trustworthy, the public will support us strongly. 

I am most excited about having the opportunity to continue with and advance the progressive nature of policing that has become synonymous with the Cambridge Police Department, continue to build and/or establish meaningful relationships in the City of Cambridge, and strengthen the innovative social service programs that assist and protect vulnerable populations. 


Branville Bard
Police Commissioner


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Branville G. Bard, Jr.
Police Commissioner

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