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The Public Information Office is the central location for all press contacts and media requests, as well as an important point of contact for members of the community seeking information from the police.  Working with the media is a sensitive and important function of the police department.  All information released for public disclosure must be correct and distributed in a timely fashion.

Public Information Office Duties and Responsibilities:

The Public Information Office has the following responsibilities in the coordination and control of the news release information:

  • It shall be the responsibility of the Police Commissioner or a designee thereof, to act as the official spokesperson of the Cambridge Police Department in conducting and maintaining an active liaison with the news media.
  • Assisting news personnel in covering routine news stories and at the scene of incidents.
  • Availability to the media of a police spokesperson at night and on weekends when needed.
  • Preparing and distributing news releases.
  • Arranging for and assisting at news conferences.
  • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information about victims, witnesses, and suspects.
  • Assisting in crisis situations.
  • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information concerning confidential agency investigations and operations.

The news media – including newspapers, and television are the means by which the community can learn quickly and effectively the activities and operations of the Police Department.  The public has a right to the kind of news and information that the police can furnish and the news media has the right to disseminate this information.

In the event of a fast breaking case with media attention, the Public Information Office will prepare an appropriate release according to suggested guidelines in the name of the Police Commissioner.

The Public Information Office will issue news releases and information to the press on a daily basis on current activities or crime.

Any officer having information that should be disseminated to the general community for their assistance in solving crime or series of crime shall present the information to the Public Information Office and will bring the material to the news media.

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