Tactical Operations

Tactical Operations includes the Explosive Ordnance Unit (Bomb Squad), Special Response Team (SRT), Tactical Patrol Force (TPF), and Crisis Negotiations Team. These units provide a ready response to situations that are beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained Department personnel. Training and sustainment of essential skills is a main priority for the Tactical Operations units. Team members continuously attend training events and  classes nationwide. For more information on a specific unit and pictures, click on the links below.

Explosive Ordnance Unit (Bomb Squad)

The Bomb Squad is comprised of one commanding officer, five full-time technicians and bomb dogs, who are on call 24-hours a day. The primary mission is to ensure the safety of the city residents in an explosive-related incident. They are responsible for the handling, transportation, and rendering safe of all explosive items within Cambridge. Currently, all technicians receive formal training at the FBI Hazardous Devices School at Redstone Army Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The initial training is five-weeks in length. However, in order for each technician to maintain their certification they must complete monthly training and attend a recertification every three years.

Special Response Team  (SRT)

The Cambridge Police Special Response team is a well trained, disciplined, tactical team that is able and prepared to respond to any major crisis within the city. Their primary mission is to resolve high-risk incidents, with a minimal loss of human life. Some of these incidents include hostage situations, high-risk search and arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, and any other situation deemed appropriate.

The Special Response team is composed of approximately twenty officers. Each officer has been carefully selected and must undergo vigorous physical training. For initial training, selected officers attend SWAT 1 and SWAT 2, which are for one week each. Also, continuous monthly training is conducted to maintain their elite skills. These officers come from various units within the Department and are on call 24-hours a day.

Tactical Patrol Force (TPF)

The Cambridge Police Tactical Patrol Force is composed of approximately eighty officers. Their primary mission is to respond safely to incidents of civil disobediences, which includes but not limited to riots, protests, and any other situation where citizen unrest may result. Officers of the Tactical Patrol Force are trained in special tactics to control and calm large crowds.

Crisis Negotiations Team

The Cambridge Police Department's Crisis Negotiations Unit consists of specially trained officers who are prepared to deal with people who are typically in crisis and have taken someone hostage or have barricaded themselves within a building or similar setting.  This can be a preplanned event where the hostage is used as leverage to get something such as money or, as more commonly seen, a situation occurs that puts a person into crisis causing them to take specific actions unplanned and spontaneous.  


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