AudioVisual Collection

The AV collection includes over 5,000 audiobooks, 8,000 music CDs, and 12,000 DVDs.

Audiobooks are available in several formats: compact discs, MP3 format discs, Playaways, and as downloads through the Overdrive service.

Music CDs include a wide variety of musical styles: rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk, blues, world music, and soundtracks.  You are also able to listen to classical and jazz music through the Naxos Classical and Naxos Jazz databases.

Our DVD collection includes a large selection of entertainment and informational DVDs to suite your viewing needs. We carry feature films, television series, classical movies, documentaries and much more. Visit the library catalog to see what we have to offer.

Note from the Assistant Director: Starting at some point in October, Warner Brothers is going to be offering libraries and rental companies (Red Box, Netflix) stripped down versions of their DVDs. There will be no more bonus material; they’ll be saving this for the retail only versions which they hope to sell at a higher cost . In addition, we won’t be getting their DVDs on the day of release anymore. Retailers will, but those of us remaining will have to wait 28 days before receiving ours. So, in the example below, Harry Potter for retail comes out on 11/11 but we won’t be seeing our copies until 12/9. Warner also told Ingram & Midwest that they’ll be monitoring retails like Amazon and Best Buy to ensure that they aren’t selling large quantities of the retail versions to anyone, most likely looking for those folks trying to circumvent this policy. There is some indication that other studios will be heading in this direction. We regret that Warner Brothers has taken this step.