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Chinese Language Collection

The O’Connell Branch has one of the largest collections of Chinese language materials in the Cambridge area.  In addition to children's books, the branch makes it a point to house books that are banned in China. The Main Library also houses a collection of Chinese materials in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

The branch has over 40 Chinese DVDs in its collection. These DVDs are in Chinese and do not have subtitles in English. O’Connell’s collection features popular movies, such as famous historical stories, modern life dramas, and light-hearted comedies. To browse the catalog for these Chinese language DVDs at the O’Connell Branch, click here. To search the entire Minuteman Library Network catalog in Chinese, go to http://library.minlib.net/search*cht. Happy Viewing!

剑桥市图书馆 O’Connell分馆最近购买了很多流行的中文新书,电影,和电视剧。新书包括历史故事,现代小说,投资, 儿童教育和健身等。

电影,电视剧包括 中文韩剧,现代喜剧 和历史剧等。希望大家 光临。

请点击这里查看 O’Connell分馆的中文新书和电影.(Click here)

如要查看图书馆所有的中文资料请浏览 以下网址。http://library.minlib.net/search*cht