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Chromebook laptops are simple laptop computers that allow you to check email, watch streaming video, take online classes, and more.

You may checkout a Chromebook or other devices from the Library as part of the Takeout Technology program.

Please note: you will need internet access in order to use a Chromebook. Overdue Chromebooks will be remotely disabled.




How do I check out a Chromebook?

Please call or visit a Library location during service hours to inquire about available devices. 

Do I need an Internet connection to use a Chromebook?

Yes, WiFi is required for the Chromebook to be useful. 

You may checkout a mobile hotspot (if available) with a Chromebook for internet access. 

Additionally, here is a list of buildings and parks in Cambridge with free Cambridge Public Internet.

Do I need a Google account to use a Chromebook?

No, you can use the Chromebook in "guest mode." This allows basic web browsing.

But you can also log in using your Google account for advanced features such as apps.  

How do I learn more about my Chromebook?

Take a look at our detailed Library Chromebook guide

It covers logging on with a Google account, installing apps, making video calls and more.