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Jabuti Award-Winner Monique Malcher to Speak at the Main Library

3/2/202312 months ago

Monique Malcher Carousel

Monique Malcher, the author of Flor de Gume and winner of the Jabuti Award, will speak at the Main Library on March 8 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. This event, which will include a reading and Q&A in both English and Portuguese, is sponsored by the Cambridge Public Library Foundation and the Manuel Rogers Sr. and Mary R. Rogers Endowment Fund.

Monique Malcher is a writer and visual artist who was born in Santarém, Pará, Brazil, in the Amazon. Her debut short story collection, Flor de Gume, won the 2021 Jabuti Award, the most prestigious literary prize in Brazil. Flor de Gume was born out of her research on gender and gender-based violence. Its 37 stories draw inspiration from women she encounters frequently, including those in her family, in academic texts, and in fiction. Malcher holds an M.A. in Anthropology and is currently an interdisciplinary doctoral student in São Paulo, where she researches literature and comics written by women.

Malcher will be talking with the writer and filmmaker Ana Laura Malmaceda. Malmaceda holds an M.A. in Brazilian Studies (University of Lisbon) and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Romance Languages (French and Portuguese) at Harvard University. Registration is required to participate in this program.


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