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The Hope Storytelling Project: A New Hope

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Event image for The Hope Storytelling Project: A New Hope

As we conclude the Hope Storytelling Project, we want to finish on its namesake: the importance of hope. We will examine poems that conceptualize hope in unique ways, and challenge participants to redefine hope in a personal and intimate manner. Especially during this pandemic, having hope is crucial in maintaining our mental health and remaining in good spirits, and this final workshop seeks to help participants develop a sustainable writing method to keep the hope alive in all of us.

The Hope Storytelling Project @ the Cambridge Public Library is virtual series of 5 bi-weekly poetry workshops, discussing the theme of hope, in partnership with the Cambridge Public Library. Hosted and taught by Harvard students: David Xiang and Alisha YiNo prior experience in poetry needed. Everyone is welcome! For any questions, please contact David Xiang at dxiang@college.harvard.edu.