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Stop the Violence: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in the U.S.

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Monday, November 16, 2020


Event image for Stop the Violence: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in the U.S.

Join the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women for a presentation on the missing and murdered Indigenous Women struggle across the so-called United States. We will look at reasons why violence continues to be perpetuated and discuss resources available.

Cheyenne Antonio is Diné from Torreon/ Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico. She received her BA in Native American Studies from the University of New Mexico. She focuses on addressing violence against native womxn and brings a critical perspective on the differences between consensual sex work and sex trafficking. Cheyenne also focuses on environmental racism within bordertowns and in rural communities and is a leader and political educator on the colonial violence of fracking across Diné lands and how it contributes to health inequities for Native peoples who are most impacted by toxic pollinates, displacement, and homelessness.

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