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The World of Harmonica and the Pocket Musician (Virtual)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Saturday, April 2, 2022

Event image for The World of Harmonica and the Pocket Musician (Virtual)

Bob Hennessy’s The Beginners Harmonica syllabus covers the history of the instrument with music examples of its use in Americana, Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop and Rock, followed by instructions on basic grip, wah wah and tremolo, breath control, introduction to rhythm and train, productive habits and ways to practice, etc...

The Second lesson (on April 9, 2022) will begin with a quick revisit to last lesson, the circle of Fifth’s, 1st – 2nd - 3rd and 5th positions, scales (diatonic and pentatonic), a list of first positions songs, backing tracks, and lots more.

Diatonic Harmonicas should all be in the Key of C

**Complementary harmonicas are available for patrons who register and will be availble for pick up 2 weeks before the program, courtesy of Cambridge Public Library Foundation.

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