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Call Them By Their Name: A Lecture on Non-Binary Identity

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Saturday, June 16, 2018

Main Library
449 Broadway
Lecture Hall

Event image for Call Them By Their Name: A Lecture on Non-Binary Identity

Headlines such as National Geographic's "Gender Revolution," may lead you to believe that the concepts of gender fluidity and non-binary identity are a new invention by millennials and Gen X, when in fact, non-binary identities have always existed. During this lecture, advocate and educator AC Dumlao (they/them) will discuss the history of non-binary genders in cultures around the world and how "non-binary" fits with(in) the transgender community. Dumlao will also share their personal experience of being a trans non-binary individual in addition to being queer, first-generation American, and a child of Filipino immigrants in a charged political climate. Finally, Dumlao will share best practices on how be the best allies, friends, and advocates for trans and non-binary individuals and communities.