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The Hope Storytelling Project: Approaching Emotion

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Event image for The Hope Storytelling Project: Approaching Emotion

One of the powers of a poem is its ability to generate emotion. Whether it is within the reader or the writer, a poem can be an insightful and generative portal, allowing us to process and to grip with our daily experiences. This workshop will be a time of self-exploration, in hopes of providing relief and space to list the unshared, the unheard, and unclosed. This workshop will introduce the style of the prose poem, and help participants develop a writing technique to extend their lines and to cope with the complex emotions that arise in us.

The Hope Storytelling Project @ the Cambridge Public Library is virtual series of 5 bi-weekly poetry workshops, discussing the theme of hope, in partnership with the Cambridge Public Library. Hosted and taught by Harvard students: David Xiang and Alisha YiNo prior experience in poetry needed. Everyone is welcome! For any questions, please contact David Xiang at dxiang@college.harvard.edu.