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One-on-One Tech Help by Appointment (Boudreau)

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Boudreau Branch
245 Concord Ave.

Would you like help navigating the library's e-resources like Libby or Hoopla? Or maybe you need some basic computer or mobile device guidance? Book a free one-on-one tech help session at the Boudreau branch:


Some topics we cover include:

    ● Downloading library eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop

    ● Navigating databases and other library resources such as Linkedin Learning

    ● Using the Internet and e-mail

    ● Setting up devices like smartphones or streaming devices


Guidelines for basic Tech help:


   ● Scheduled sessions run between 30-45 minutes.

   ● Please bring your device, cords and any necessary account information.

   ● Library staff cannot be held responsible for damage to patron-owned equipment.


If you have questions, please send them to: ipachoncaballero@cambridgema.gov

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