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CANCELLED - Jazz Performance by the Lilly Jazz Project (O'Neill)

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Wednesday, October 19, 2022

O'Neill Branch
70 Rindge Ave.

Event image for CANCELLED - Jazz Performance by the Lilly Jazz Project (O'Neill)

The Lilly Jazz Project originally formed in San Diego in 2014 as a focus group to bring musicians of every level together to perform in the community. By 2021, LJP’s band leader, Darr, relocated to Boston to attend Berklee. With a calling to make music stand for something more meaningful like activism, the band reformed to perform some original music that speaks to social justice issues like mental health and mass incarceration because music often times can be healing, and has the power to break barriers. Now a diverse group of musicians with members from Berklee schools, LPJ is driven to keep jazz alive in communities where people don’t often get to go out to listen to jazz by zestfully bringing jazz sounds to wherever the love of jazz is requested. LJP performs familiar classic jazz songs, blending musical styles such as Bossa nova, funk, blues, rock, and modern jazz.