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Celebrating National Poetry Month with poets Golden and JR Mahung (Virtual)

6:00 PM - 7:15 PM Thursday, April 21, 2022


Join us for a program celebrating National Poetry Month with poets Golden and JR Mahung.  

GOLDEN (they/them) is a Black gender-nonconforming trans-femme photographer, poet, and community organizer raised in Hampton, Va. (Kikotan land), currently residing in Boston, Mass. (Massachusett people land). They are the author of A Dead Name That Learned How to Live (Game Over Books, 2022) and the photographic self-portraiture series On Learning How to Live, documenting Black trans life at the intersections of surviving and living in the United States. Golden’s published and collaborative work can be found on Instagram (@goldenthem_) or through their website goldengoldengolden.com.

JR MAHUNG (they/she) is a Garifuna poet from the South Side of Chicago. She now lives in Boston, Mass., where she writes, meal preps, and works as an educator. JR’s second collection of poems, Since When He Have Wings, is available through Pizza Pi Press

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