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The ABCs of Racism: Fostering Anti-racist Conversations + Action with Kids

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Event image for The ABCs of Racism: Fostering Anti-racist Conversations + Action with Kids

Kids notice a lot about the world – including skin color, racial differences, inequity and injustice. They sense that these things matter, and they have questions that many of the adults in their lives are not prepared to answer. For White families, this is especially true.

Geared for White or multiracial audiences, this interactive virtual workshop will explore fundamental concepts in racism and antiracism, the barriers that block adults from taking about race and racism with kids, the social science of race awareness in children, and strategies to build the racial literacy that is urgently needed to engage our children in antiracist conversations and action.

This workshop will be led by Wee the People co-founder and children's book author Francie Latour, whose award-winning picture book Auntie Luce's Talking Paintings tells an inter-generational tale of culture, community, and identity through a Haitian-American girl and her beloved aunt, an artist who lives in Haiti.

Wee The People is grounded in the belief that if kids can understand fairness, they can understand justice and that adults play a huge role in connecting kids’ sense of fairness in their own lives to larger issues of injustice in the world.

This program is part of our week-long series, Standing Up Together: An Anti-Racism & Social Justice Series for Young People & Their Families. Funding for this series has generously been provided by the Cambridge Public Library Foundation.

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