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Community Yoga with Cultural Fabric

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Sunday, November 29, 2020


Event image for Community Yoga with Cultural Fabric

Join us for a November community yoga series in partnership with Cultural Fabric! This yoga class will include some self reflection as part of a community (you choose how much you share).  Our community conversation is an opportunity to share your own lived wisdom and your questions.  Self-study, self-inquiry is one of the aspects of yogic study and we will incorporate this during our time together and what arises in the group will inform our physical yoga practice.

Yoga invites us to use all our faculties of body-mind-spirit to increase our potential and to help us understand ourselves and how to harness our full potential. During this time, yoga can help us discover greater ease, balance, and resilience within. Ultimately, yoga connects us to subtler forms of energy, drawing us closer to our own higher levels of consciousness. Come experience for yourself.

Melissa Alexis founded Cultural Fabric in 2016 to integrate mindfulness into the daily fabric of our lives. She supports people to tap into the value of states of heightened awareness for personal, professional, and organizational well-being. In this era of the pandemic, she believes now is the time for us to co-create an ecosystem prioritizing internal development for our collective well-being.


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