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ASL Basics for Beginners (Part 2) (Virtual)

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Event image for ASL Basics for Beginners (Part 2) (Virtual)

SIGNING Basics, LLC is returning to the Cambridge Public Library via Virtual Zoom classes!  A live sign language instructor will teach you additional signing phrases that will complement the phrases and signs learned in ASL Basics for Beginners Part 1.

You will learn to sign phrases such as:

  • Hello, how are you? Hello, What’s up?
  • And responses – I fine, so so okay, tired or sick…
  • Times of the day; Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday…
  • Places that you GO TO – Vacation, school, college, weddings, parties, gym…
  • Ask when and what a person will do – Tomorrow, you do what?  And responses – OH, I SEE, Nice, Sorry…
  • Learn how to form additional ASL Sentences that brings together the signs you learn during the course.

This course is taught in 4 - 45 Minutes Virtual Zoom sessions with a live ASL Instructor, and class handouts are included.  Additionally, you will have supporting videos of instructors signing the vocabulary you learn during class. A recurring Zoom link shall be sent to you on the first day of class.  Please note, you are expected to attend all four sessions.  Please register to reserve your spot (space is limited)!

Happy Signing!

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