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Library 21

Library 21 logo


May 1996 to July 1998 

City of Cambridge

Library 21Committee

New! Report of the local history room/archives work group library 21 committee


Eighteen months of outreach and study conducted among the Cambridge community by Library 21, a committee appointed by the City Manager, have culminated in a broad plan for an expanded Cambridge Library.  
Now comes the task of translating the plan into action, and the vision into structure. Siting, funding, design and construction are all dependent upon continuing community involvement and support.  


A place for quiet contemplation, enjoyment and personal research, for children as well as adults, for inspiration as well as inquiry, for technology as well as print, for community interaction as well as individual endeavor - in short, the civic heart of the city.  

A distinguished work of architecture, occupying between 90,000 to 1000,000 square feet. A building that would not only meet present needs but also provide for future growth.

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