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Key Dates - Mid Cambridge City Park

This chronology was read into the minutes of the June 27, 1996 Library 21 meeting:

New high school being planned by City and School Department

Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association (MCNA) High School (park) formed to study impact and protect open space and to obtain replacement open space

MCNA votes to support new high school on present site, with promise to participate in planning of enlarged park space

MCNA lobbies City Council and it votes to develop an enlarged site for park land with building of the new high school

MCNA circulates city wide questionnaire, also published in the Chronicle, asking what kind of park should be planned. 227 responses.

Litigation results in legal opinions recognizing park land from Ellery Street, including land in front of library

School Committee cedes any claim of "library park" to City Manager's jurisdiction

City Manager appoints MCNA members to chair a committee, including various City department chiefs (or their delegates) to oversee maintenance of "Mid Cambridge City Park"

This Committee meets faithfully once every spring and every fall over 13 years, fulfilling it's mission.