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April 15 1997


Wednesday April 15, 1997 - 6:30 to 9:00 Sharp!

Sakey Room, Main Branch - Public Library
449 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Public is welcome and invited to come

The Committee is currently in Phase III: System Planning

I. As a result of two process meetings, April 2 and 9, Library 21 members have developed a series of statements for the Committee as a whole to consider and agree upon. These statements are the initial components of a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Main library.

The goal of this meeting is to achieve consensus on these components:

1. Vision for a Wonderful Main Library: Ruth Butler

2. Audiences to be served: Rich Rossi, Karen Carmean

3. Cooperation with other city agencies: Susan Flannery, Roger Booth

4. System configuration: Susan Flannery, Andre Meyer

5. Roles for the Main Library, from March 18 mtg: Nancy Woods

II. Next meeting date: May 22; next process committee meeting TBD

III. Public Comments