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June 25 1997


Wedsnesday, June 25 1997 - 6:30 to 9:00
Sakey Lecture Hall, Main Library - 449 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Public is welcome and invited to come

Phase 3: Refining the Opportunities - System Program

Goal for meeting -- Complete Phase III and move to Phase IV

1. Administration: minutes approval, review of materials in latest packet

2. Review of program elements (members, please read ahead of time!) and reach consensus on intent

3. Identify a small sub-committee to direct the writing of the Phase III report

4. Communications Plan to get the word out on our program recommendations: Nancy Woods and John Gintell have a proposed plan for discussion

5. Phase IV Siting process: Nancy Woods and Rich Rossi

6. Public comments

Next meeting date - Library 21 Peer review of program: Wedsnesday, July 16