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March 18 1997

Agenda - Library 21 Committee

Tuesday, March 18, 1997 - 6:30 to 9:30

Cambridge Main Library - 449 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Public is welcome and invited to come

Phase 3: Refining the Opportunities - System Program

  1. Administrative matters

  2. Vision for the 21st century:

    Discussion of ALA roles:
    Which roles do we want the Library for the 21st cnetury to play
    Who are the audiences and how are they to be served

  3. Analysis of the database "wishes"

    For a library to serve Cambridge in the 21st century, what should the library include
    What shouldn't it include
    What items are "maybe"

  4. Site Criteria

    What are the pros and cons of the Broadway site
    What criteria should we use to evaluate the site

  5. How does the Committee want to respond to the "Comments and Recommendations" proposal of January 24, 1997 from the Central Square Neighborhood Coalition?