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May 22 1997


Thursday May 22, 1997 - 6:30 to 9:00 Sharp

Senior Center 806 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Public is welcome and invited to come

Phase 3: Refining the Opportunities - System Program

I. This is the last meeting for Phase III. The primary goal is to obtain concensus on the program elements for the Main Library.

Revised documents were distributed to committee members for review

1. Vision for a Wonderful Main Library

2. Audiences to be served

3. Cooperation with Community Organizations and other City Agencies

4. System configuration

5. Roles for the Main Library

6. Functions and Space Needs

7. Sample needs expressed for our Library in the 21st Century

II. Next meeting dates - Library 21: June 25; Peer review of program meeting: July 16

III. Public Comments