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September 9 1997


Tuesday, Sept 9, 1997 - 6:30 to 8:30 -- Sakey Lecture hall, Main Library

Public is welcome and invited to come

Phase 3: Refining the Opportunities - System Program

Goal for meeting -- Complete Phase III and move to Phase IV

1. Brief administrative overview: minutes (we should be up to date)

2. Status of program elements: final versions + draft executive summary will be handed out

3. Siting, Phase IV

A. Site selection recommendation and rationale; review of interim report to the City Manager (#7 below)

B. Guest: John Connery, Urban Planner with extensive experience in setting up site selection processes to help us make good recommendations

Distributed to Committee members prior to meeting:

#1. List of siting questions that Susan posted on a library list serve
#2. Wisconsin Library Building Project Handbook, "Site Considerations" chapter
#3. Package of site selection information from Albany, GA: answers to our questions and a sample of analysis of one site (out of about 10)
#4. Rochester Hills Public Library site evaluation score sheet
#5. Woods letter written for L21 constituents
#6. Woods/Rossi letter to the Chronicle editor, August 28
#7. Draft L21 Interim Report to the City Manager