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East Neighborhood Study Group


In attendance:

To provide access to all the people of Cambridge and to insure that we manage our resources well, Library 21 is gathering information from as many groups as possible about what the people want.

What would you like in the library?

A. Community Activity Center

  • Poetry readings

  • Family nights

  • Book discussion groups

  • Creative dramatics after school

  • Arts and crafts programs after school

  • East End house use library for outings

  • Day care groups use library for outings

  • Meet neighbors

  • Attend programs

  • Summer reading program very popular

  • Place to go after school

  • After school programs

  • Halloween party fun

  • Community activity center needed at branch

B. Community Information Center

  • Political candidate information

  • East Cambridge News

  • Bulletin board for information on East Cambridge

  • Community information to look up to see what is of interest

  • Tax information and forms available

  • Community information center needed at branch

C. Formal Education Support Center

  • Homework assistance after school

  • Seating too limited in main library

  • Need better coordination between schools and branch libraries beyond the summer reading program

  • Formal education support center needed at branch

D. Independent Learning Center

  • Remedial assistance for those with difficulty reading

  • Independent learning center needed at branch

E. Popular Materials Lending Library

  • More Speed read books needed

  • Books-on tape borrowed from main library

  • Videos from main library

  • Cds from main library- need more at branches too

  • Hardware for computers needed at branches and main

  • Software for computers needed at branches and main

  • Educational games needed at branches and main

  • Word-processing programs available at library

  • Resumes updated by computer use

  • Job application able to be filled out by using computers

  • Distribute computers to all the branches

F. Preschoolers Door to Learning

  • Parents have toddlers group once a week.

  • Children’s books needed

  • Preschoolers door to learning needed at branch

G. Reference Library

  • Reference library needed at main

H. Research Center

  • Go to main library for research

  • Research center needed at main

  • Seating too limited in main library- more needed

I. Other- important functions missing from list

  • More hours open in branch

  • Weekend hours in branch

  • Alternate evenings open with next closest branch

  • Handicapped accessible branch library

  • Basement space could be renovated

  • Accessible to main from east Cambridge by bus

  • Parking- never enough for those who want to drive to the Main library

J. An Important Civic Building