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Dec 5: Recreation Department


Recreation Department

Minutes of Meeting, Thursday December 5, 1996

In attendance: Paul Ryder, Donna Cameron, Kevin Clark, with Ted Burton of Library 21

To provide access to all the people of Cambridge and to insure that we manage our resources well, Library 21 is gathering information from as many groups as possible about what the people want.

What would you like in the library?

A. Community Activity Center

  • Recreation Department could play a role in programming existing and new library facilities.
  • Tumbling classes could be adjunct to daycare at library and run by Recreation Dept.
  • Movement classes could be adjunct to daycare at library & run by Recreation Dept.
  • Latchkey kids could be served by library programs
  • Seniors could help with chess clubs, etc.
  • Chess clubs for kids could be run by seniors at library
  • Recreation Dept. and Library could co-ordinate programs
  • Reading in park programs for kids held in parks in 1996 at Hoyt Field, Sleeper Park, Glacken Field, Cambridge Common, and Donnelly Field
  • Stories in the park: August program: Chill Stories in the Park

B. Community Information Center

  • Recreation Dept. uses Library as distributor of information for Rec. programs.
  • Marketing information on city programs could be developed further at Library

C. Formal Education Support Center

Relationship between the Library and the Public Schools should be developed.

D. Independent Learning Center

E. Popular Materials Lending Library

  • Branches should be accessible and usable.
  • Encyclopedia access should be remote
  • CD-ROM access to encyclopedias
  • Music CDs, improve quality of
  • Movies on video, improve quality of
  • Best sellers made more easily available

F. Preschoolers Door to Learning

G. Reference Library

H. Research Center

I. Other- important functions missing from list

  • Something to be said for one stop shopping at a main library, but the branches should be able to provide most types of materials.
  • Communication between library and City Departments should be improved and developed.
  • Tot lot, concern for at Broadway site
  • Tennis court, concern for at Broadway site
  • ìPassive spaceî. concern for at Broadway site
  • Passive area at Broadway site is important
  • Passive area: ìonly truly passive area in cityî at Broadway site
  • Open space, ì only open space where people can sit and enjoy without being hampered by ball playing, etc.
  • Open space, ìbiggest open space in Mid-Cambridge
  • Open space near high school is a plus
  • Landscaping near high school is a plus
  • Passive space at Broadway is a calming space
  • Open space at Broadway enhances perception of the Library as historic building
  • Open space serves as an extension of the Library
  • Tot lot serves as extension of the Library
  • Open space, This should be a protect open space at Broadway site.
  • Broadway Library and High School site is at its potential use now.
  • The current use of site is optimum now
  • ìWould hate to see that space at Broadway site developed.
  • Neighborhood makes good use of the space at Broadway site for ice cream socials, etc.
  • Open space at Broadway site enhances the quality of life
  • Open space is valuable, part of the quality of life in Cambridge
  • If open space is thought of as an extension of the Library, thatís OK.
  • Important to involve Recreation Department in process of improving Broadway site
  • Transportation, Because of easy transportation access, Central Square could be a potential place for a new Main Library
  • Leave Broadway building as a branch
  • Parking lot on Green Street could be possibly built on for a new Main Library

J. An Important Civic Building