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Sep 15: Press Release


PRESS RELEASE Contact: Nancy Woods, Co-Chair

For Immediate Release


The next meeting of the Library 21 Committee will be on Wednesday, October 2, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Avenue. Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries at MIT, will be the featured speaker. She will explore the evolving relationship between the MIT library system and the Cambridge Public Library and suggest ways that the two libraries can continue to work together. The Committee will be inviting other institutional libraries to work with it to help define the future role of the Cambridge Public Library vis a vis the dozens of other libraries in the Greater Boston area.

Ms. Wolpert, a long time Cambridge resident, has also offered to help the Committee develop a sound approach for gathering information from the public. She said they have done a great deal of work making sure their services meet the needs of the MIT community and some of their methods may be useful to the Committee.

The Library 21 Committee is charged by the City Council to develop recommendations for an outstanding library system for the 21st century. The Committee is in Phase Two: gathering input from the public about what services it should provide in the 21st century. Neighborhood Work Groups are being established in Cambridgeport/ Riverside, East, North, and West Cambridge; if you are interested in joining one, please call Fran Wirta, 576-3541. If you would like to be on the Library 21 mailing list, please send a note to the City Manager's Office, 795 Mass. Ave. Or, send a note via the City's home page, www.ci.cambridge.ma.us.