Reports from Workgroups

The Library 21 committee is composed of a number of workgroups. We have completed Phase 2, Casting a Wide Net, Envisioning. Each of these workgroups hasprepared a report on its findings. All these reports will be available here soon.

Outreach Workgroups

Elders workgroup - Emily West

Neighborhood Study Group - Fran Wirta

Young Adult Readers workgroup - Edward DeAngelo, Kathryn Carleton, Nancy Nyhan

Children's workgroup - Karen Kosko & Susan Twarog

Outreach to organizations - Karen Carmean

Other Workgroups

Other Libraries Workgroup Report - Feb 97 - Bill Barry and Ruth Butler

Jan 97: Technology Workgroup Report - John Gintell

Database Workgroup report February 1997 - Karen Carmean