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Agenda for Meeting

Cambridge Library Site Selection
Public Meeting Agenda

Thursday April 30, 1998 - 6:30 pm

Summary of meeting agenda and goals

Requested information

  • Program confirmation
  • Interrelationship between high school and library
  • Demographic distribution and library cardholders
  • Urban Ring status 

Definition of Preliminary Evaluation Criteria

  • Program suitability - site /dimension suitable for optimal library configuration
  • Parcel size - ability to accommodate 90 - 100,000sf and parking
  • Accessibility - distance to MBTA and bus
  • Centrality - relationship to population and card holder density
  • Availability - ownership and/or market availability
  • Civic heart - potential for "civic success"

Analysis of potential sites per district

  • 18 first tier sites
  • 12 second tier sites

Break period to allow written comments on potential sites

Discussion period 

Next Steps