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Scope of Services by Site Analysis Team

The City of Cambridge ("the City") seeks proposals from consultants to provide site analysis services to assist the City in a site selection process for an expanded main Cambridge Public Library. Consultants must have expertise in architecture, urban planning and library planning. Specifically, the scope of services will involve the development and implementation of methods and procedures for identifying and evaluating potential sites for the new main public library; expanding the main public library at its current site on Broadway must be included in this analysis. The contract must be completed within four months of contract award.

Specifically, the consultant must complete each of the items listed below:

(1) Develop objective site evaluation criteria to evaluate locations which support the successful implementation of the library program. These criteria might include: size of the parcel, availability of the site, cost of the land and other factors that may affect cost, accessibility of the site, zoning, parking considerations. Easy accessibility to public transportation is an important criterion in this analysis.

(2) Search for alternative sites that meet those criteria.

(3) Evaluate alternative sites to recommend a short list of at least five sites (one of which must be the existing main library site at 449 Broadway).

(4) Study the feasibility of short-listed sites through conceptual planning, including access, traffic flow, economic impact, and architectural massing of program requirements. Exploring sites with opportunities for public/private relationships should not be precluded.

(5) Attend public meetings at key milestones to ensure public review and input. At least three public meetings are required: one, an informational meeting with City staff and the Library 21 Committee, for the consultant to formally receive the library program and ask questions, and gather preliminary opinions on siting criteria; a second meeting to review and receive feedback on the list of site evaluation criteria developed; and a third meeting to review and receive feedback on the final analysis on site alternatives. These meetings must be open to the public, and will be sponsored by the Library 21 Committee, an advisory committee of city residents and staff appointed by the City Manager. Additional meetings with city staff who oversee this project will be required as well.

(6) Submit a final report to the City Manager, outlining the methodology used, site analysis, a list of all sites evaluated and final recommendations.