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Historic Cambridge Exhibitions

The Cambridge Public Library mounts several exhibits each year on the history of Cambridge. Please visit the second floor of the main library to see one of our rotating displays.

Olive Pierce Ongoing Exhibit and Digital Collection

Currently the Cambridge Room is showcasing photographs by Olive Pierce, a longtime Cambridge resident who photographed civic life and portraits in Cambridge in the 1970s. The full collection is now available online here. To read more about Olive Pierce, download the full brochure

.Olive Pierce photo Cambridge Public Library

Diane Asséo Griliches Ongoing Exhibit

In 2009, Diane Asséo Griliches presented the Cambridge Public Library with 63 framed photographs of her series featuring libraries worldwide to hang in the newly-renovated Main Library. These photos can also be found in her book Library: The Drama Within. Ms. Griliches has also donated 40 copies of this publication to the Library to be given as gifts to honorary visitors.

Download the full brochure to learn more.