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Past Titles Read by the Great Books Group from 1987-2019

*=indicates selections

Author Title Year
Achebe Things Fall Apart 1989-1990
Achebe Arrow of God 1990-1991
Achebe Anthills of the Savannah 1994-1995
Achebe Things Fall Apart 2005-2006
Achebe The Sacrificial Egg 2009-2010
Adams, Franklin, Jefferson The Declaration of Independence 1992-1993
Adams, Henry The Education of Henry Adams 2005-2006
Adiga Between the Assassinations 2010-2011
Aeschylus Agamemnon 1990-1991
Aeschylus Agamemnon 2010-2011
Aeschylus Prometheus Bound 2017-2018
Akhmatova Requiem 2000-2001
Arendt The Origins of Totalitarianism, selections from Part III 2016-2017
Aristophanes Lysistrata 1999-2000
Aristotle Politics 1988-1989
Aristotle On Happiness 1989-1990
Aristotle On Tragedy 1991-1992
Aristotle On Happiness 1993-1994
Aristotle Poetics* 1998-1999
Aristotle On Happiness* 2007-2008
Atwood     "Death by Landscape" 2013-2014
Auden Poems* 1991-1992
Augustine, Saint The City of God* 1991-1992
Augustine, Saint Confessions* 1995-1996
Augustine, Saint
Austen Sense and Sensibility 1987-1988
Austen Mansfield Park 1988-1989
Austen Persuasion 2001-2002
Austen Persuasion 2012-2013
Austen Pride and Prejudice 2016-2017
Babel "My First Goose," "Story of My Dovecoat," and "First Love" 2016-2017
Baldwin The Fire Next Time 1992-1993
Baldwin Sonny's Blues 2011-2012
Balzac The Old Maid 2005-2006
Baudelaire The Flowers of Evil* 1997-1998
Bausch Nobody in Hollywood 1998-1999
Beckett Endgame 1997-1998
Bender Eternal Love 1998-1999
  Beowulf (trans. by Heaney) 2006-2007
Berlin Equality 1992-1993
Bible. N.T. The Gospel of Mark 1990-1991
Bible. O.T. Ecclesiastes 1991-1992
Bible. O.T. Job* 1994-1995
Bible. O.T. Genesis*, Psalms*, Isaiah* 2001-2002
Bible. O.T. Genesis* 2007-2008
Bible. O.T. Story of Samson* 2009-2010
Bible. O.T. Job 2011-2012
Bible. N.T. The Gospel of Mark 2013-2014
Bible. O.T. Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon 2015-2016
Bible. O.T. Ruth, Esther, and Lamentations 2016-2017
Bible. O.T. Proverbs 2017-2018
Bible. O.T.
Job 2018-2019
Bishop Selected poems 2017-2018
Boccaccio The Decameron* 1996-1997
  The Book of Revelation 2019-2020
Borges The Garden of Forking Paths 1995-1996
Borges "Borges & I" 2008-2009
Borges The Garden of Forking Paths 2012-2013
Borges "Borges & I" 2014-2015
Boyle Killing Babies 2003-2004
Buber Selected writings 2019-2020
Buchner Woyzeck 1998-1999
Burke Reflections on the Revolution in France* 2006-2007
Byers Shipmates Down Under 1998-1999
Calderon Life Is a Dream 2000-2001
Camus The Guest 1996-1997
Camus The Plague 2010-2011
Carver What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 2008-2009
Carver "Cathedral" 2013-2014
Castiglione The Book of the Courtier 1999-2000
Cather My Antonia 2008-2009
Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop 2013-2014
Cather "Paul's Case" 2014-2015
Catullus Poems* 1997-1998
Cervantes Don Quixote* 1996-1997
Cervantes Don Quixote (trans. by Grossman) 2006-2007
Chateaubriand Rene 1998-1999
Chaucer The Canterbury Tales* 1990-1991
Chaucer The Canterbury Tales* 2004-2005
Chaucer "The Pardoner's Tale" 2013-2014
Chekhov Rothschild's Fiddle 1989-1990
Chekhov Uncle Vanya 1990-1991
Chekhov In Exile 1992-1993
Chekhov The Cherry Orchard 1997-1998
Chekhov Gooseberries, About Love, The Lady with the Dog, The Darling, Rothchild's Fiddle, and The Teacher of Literature 1999-2000
Chekhov Anna on the Neck, The House with the Mansard Roof, Chameleon, Oysters, A Living Chronology, and The Huntsman 2000-2001
Chekhov The Grasshopper, Misery, The Betrothed, and Vanka 2001-2002
Chekhov A Gentleman Friend, and The Teacher of Literature 2002-2003
Chekhov The Man in a Case, A Doctor's Visit, Dreams, and The Pecheneg 2003-2004
Chekhov Uncle Vanya, Anyuta, In Exile, Agatha, and The Student 2004-2005
Chekhov Grisha, and Whitebrow 2005-2006
Chekhov The Cherry Orchard, At Home, Rothschild's Fiddle, Sleepy, and A Journey by Cart 2006-2007
Chekhov My Life 2007-2008
Chekhov The Steppe 2008-2009
Chekhov The Lady With the Toy Dog 2012-2013
Chekhov  "A Blunder" 2013-2014
Chopin The Awakening 2003-2004
Clausewitz What is War ? 1990-1991
Coleridge "Kubla Khan" and "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" 2016-2017
Colette The Vagabond 1994-1995
Colette My Mother's House & Sido 1995-1996
Colette Cheri, and Last of Cheri 1999-2000
Conan Doyle The Hound of the Baskervilles 2008-2009
Conrad Heart of Darkness 1989-1990
Conrad The Secret Sharer 1991-1992
Conrad Heart of Darkness 2002-2003
Conrad Nostromo 2005-2006
Conrad The Secret Sharer 2010-2011
  The Constitution 2019-2020
Dante The Inferno 1996-1997
Dante Purgatorio, and Paradiso* 2000-2001
Darwin The Moral Sense of Man and the Lower Animals 1989-1990
Darwin The Moral Sense of Man and the Lower Animals 2006-2007
Darwin The Moral Sense of Man and the Lower Animals 2014-2015
Darwin Selections 2015-2016
de Tocqueville Why Americans are So Often Restless 1992-1993
de Tocqueville Why Great Revolutions Will Become Rare 1993-1994
de Tocqueville The Power of the Majority 1989-1990
de Tocqueville The Power of the Majority 2005-2006
de Tocqueville How an Aristocracy May Be Created by Industry 2012-2013
DeLillo Pafko at the Wall 2002-2003
Dennett Darwin's Dangerous Idea 1997-1998
Dewey Habits and Will 1990-1991
Dewey Habits and Will 1993-1994
Diaz Fiesta 1998-1999
Dickens Our Mutual Friend 2004-2005
Dickens David Copperfield 2015-2016
Bleak House 2017-2018
Dickenson Six poems 2014-2015
Diderot Rameau's Nephew* 1987-1988
Diderot Jacques the Fatalist 2004-2005
Diderot Rameau's Nephew* 2005-2006
Dinesen Sorrow-Acre 1992-1993
Donne Selected Poems* 2010-2011
Dostoyevsky Notes from the Underground 1995-1996
Dostoyevsky Notes from the Underground 2001-2002
Dostoyevsky The Brothers Karamazov 2003-2004
Dostoyevsky The Grand Inquisitor* 2008-2009
Dostoyevsky Notes from the Underground 2011-2012
Dostoyevsky The Brothers Karamazov 2014-2015
Douglass Narrative of the Life of an American Slave 2004-2005
Doyle Sign of the Four 2015-2016
Du Bois    The Souls of Black Folk 2010-2011
Duras Hiroshima Mon Amour 1995-1996
Duras The Lover 2018-2019
Durban Soon 1998-1999
Ellison Invisible Man 2016-2017
Eliot, G. Middlemarch 1987-1988
Eliot, G. Silas Marner 1988-1989
Eliot, G. Middlemarch 2013-2014
Eliot, T.S. Poems* 1991-1992
Eliot, T.S. The Waste Land, & other poems* 2001-2002
Eliot, T.S. Journey of the Magi 2003-2004
Eliot, T.S. Four Quartets 2010-2011
Emecheta The Family 1991-1992
Emerson The Divinity School Address and Self-Reliance 2011-2012
Enchi Masks 1993-1994
Endo Deep River 1999-2000
Erasmus The Praise of Folly* 1997-1998
Eugenides Air Mail 1998-1999
Euripides Medea 1987-1988
Euripides Iphigeneia at Aulis 1988-1989
Euripides Medea 1994-1995
Euripides Bacchae 2007-2008
Euripides Iphigeneia at Aulis 2013-2014
Euripides Medea 2019-2020
Faulkner Barn Burning 1992-1993
Faulkner Go Down, Moses 1994-1995
Faulkner Absalom, Absalom! 2001-2002
Faulkner As I Lay Dying 2003-2004
Faulkner As I Lay Dying 2014-2015
Faulkner Short stories 2018-2019
Feynman Selected essays 2018-2019
Fielding The History of Tom Jones 2016-2017
Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise 2013-2014
Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby 2016-2017
Short stories 2018-2019
Flaubert Madame Bovary 1988-1989
Flaubert A Simple Heart 2004-2005
Flaubert Bouvard and Pecuchet 2009-2010
Madame Bovary
Fontane Effi Briest 2003-2004
Foucault Discipline and Punish* 2011-2012
Freud Civilization and Its Discontents 1989-1990
Freud Civilization and Its Discontents 2012-2013
Friel Molly Sweeney 2000-2001
Frost Mending Wall, Home Burial, The Road Not Taken, Christmas Trees, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and The Gift Outright 2016-2017
Gandhi Speeches 2015-2016
Garcia Marquez Death Beyond Constant Love 1995-1996
Garcia Marquez Innocent Erendira 2002-2003
Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude 2012-2013
Gautreaux Little Frogs in a Ditch 1998-1999
Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire* 1987-1988
Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire* 1994-1995
Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire* 2004-2005
  Gilgamesh 2014-2015
Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper 2008-2009
Glasgow The Sheltered Life 1988-1989
Goethe Faust, Part One 2000-2001
Goethe Faust, Part One 2006-2007
Goethe Sufferings of Young Werther 2013-2014
Gogol The Overcoat 1987-1988
Gogol The Overcoat 1992-1993
Gogol The Overcoat 2005-2006
Gogol The Nose 2007-2008
Gould Wonderful Life 1995-1996
Gould Selected essays 2017-2018
Greene Under the Garden 1991-1992
Ha Jin Saboteur 2007-2008
Hall From Willow Temple 2003-2004
Hamilton, Jay, and Madison The Federalist Papers 1987-1988
Hamilton, Jay, and Madison The Federalist Papers 1994-1995
Hamilton, Jay, and Madison
The Federalist Papers #9, 10, 14, 39, and 51
Hammett The Maltese Falcon 2016-2017
Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun
Hardy The Darkling Thrush, Convergence of the Twain, and selections from Poems of 1912-13 2015-2016
Hardy Tess of the d'Urbervilles 2019-2020
Hawking A Brief History of Time 1994-1995
Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown 2012-2013
Hayek Planning and Democracy* 2007-2008
Heine, H. Poems* 2001-2002
Hemingway A Clean Well-Lighted Place 2009-2010
Hemingway The Sun Also Rises 2012-2013
Hemingway Short stories 2018-2019
Herodotus The Persian Wars 1988-1989
Herodotus Histories 2008-2009
Hesse Siddhartha 2015-2016
Hobbes Origin of Government 1988-1989
Hobbes On Commonwealth 1992-1993
Homer The Iliad 1990-1991
Homer The Iliad* 1996-1997
Homer The Odyssey 1999-2000
Homer Iliad* 2009-2010
Hugo Poems* 2001-2002
Hugo             Les Miserables     2009-2010
Hume Of Justice and Injustice 1989-1990
Hume Of Justice and Injustice 2005-2006
Hume Of Personal Identity* 2011-2012
Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God 1991-1992
Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God 2019-2020
Ibsen Hedda Gabler 1995-1996
Ibsen An Enemy of the People 2010-2011
Ibsen A Doll's House 2015-2016
Ingalls Mrs. Caliban 1990-1991
James, H. The Beast in the Jungle 1990-1991
James, H. What Maisie Knew 1993-1994
James, H. The Wings of the Dove 1996-1997
James, H. Daisy Miller 2003-2004
James, H. The Beast in the Jungle 2004-2005
James, H. The Aspern Papers 2008-2009
James, W. Habit 1992-1993
James, W. Pragmatism* 2012-2013
Joyce Ulysses 2000-2001
Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1989-1990
Joyce The Dead 2003-2004
Joyce Araby 2009-2010
Joyce Dubliners 2017-2018
Kafka A Hunger Artist 1993-1994
Kafka The Metamorphosis 2000-2001
Kafka A Hunger Artist 2007-2008
Kant Conscience 1989-1990
Kant Conscience 1993-1994
Kant First Principles of Morals 2004-2005
Kant To Perpetual Peace
Kawabata The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket 2007-2008
Keats Odes and To Autumn 2015-2016
Kierkegaard The Knight of Faith 1988-1989
King Letter From Birmingham Jail 2012-2013
Kipling The Man Who Would be King 2011-2012
Lahiri Selected stories 2019-2020
Larkin Selected poems 2019-2020
Lavin Happiness 1993-1994
Lawrence The Fox 2002-2003
Lawrence The Rocking-Horse Winner 2012-2013
Lessing Memoirs of a Survivor 1989-1990
Lessing The Good Terrorist 1991-1992
Lessing The Ant Heap 2003-2004
Levy The Periodic Table 2006-2007
Lincoln Selected writings 2018-2019
Locke Of Civil Government 1988-1989
Locke Of Civil Government 1992-1993
Locke Of the Limits of Government 1993-1994
Lorca Lament of Ignacio Sanchez Mejias 1997-1998
Machado de Assis The Fortune Teller 2009-2010
Machiavelli The Prince 1990-1991
Machiavelli The Prince* 1996-1997
Machiavelli The Prince* (trans. by Seamus Heaney) 2006-2007
Mahfouz Midaq Alley 1990-1991
Maimonides On Evil* 2009-2010
Mann Tonio Kroger 1991-1992
Mann Mario and the Magician 1996-1997
Mann The Path to the Cemetery 2008-2009
Mann     Death in Venice 2009-2010
The Magic Mountain 2019-2020
Mansfield The Garden-Party 2007-2008
Selected stories 2018-2019
Marguerite de Navarre The Heptameron* 1996-1997
Marguerite de Navarre The Heptameron 1997-1998
Marie de France Eliduc 1999-2000
Marquez "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" 2014-2015
Marx Alienated Labor 1989-1990
Marx The Communist Manifesto 2005-2006
Maupassant Pierre and John 2009-2010
Maupassant The Necklace 2011-2012
Melville Billy Budd 1988-1989
Melville Billy Budd 2005-2006
Melville Bartleby the Scrivener 2007-2008
Melville Benito Cereno 2008-2009
Melville Moby Dick 2011-2012
Michitsuna no Haha The Gossamer Years 1992-1993
Mill Utilitarianism 1987-1988
Mill On Liberty 1993-1994
Mill On Liberty 2012-2013
Mishima The Temple of the Golden Pavilion 1991-1992
Moliere The Misanthrope 1987-1988
Moliere The Misanthrope 1994-1995
Moliere Tartuffe 1995-1996
Moliere The Misanthrope 2014-2015
Montaigne Of Experience 1987-1988
Montaigne Of Experience 1994-1995
Montaigne Of Cannibals, Of the Inconsistency of Our Actions, Apology for Raimond Sebond, and Of Repentence 2000-2001
Montaigne Of Friendship and Of Solitude 2009-2010
Montaigne On Books and On the Art of Conversation 2010-2011
Montaigne Of Experience 2012-2013
Moore Who Will Run the Frog Hospital ? 1996-1997
Morrison Song of Solomon 1990-1991
Munro The Love of a Good Woman 2003-2004
Munro "Boys and Girls" 2014-2015
Munro     Short Stories 2015-2016
Murdoch A Severed Head 1992-1993
Nabokov Ada, or Ardor 2001-2002
Nabokov Pnin 2011-2012
Nash Poems* 1991-1992
Niebuhr "The Children of Darkness & the Children of Light" 2013-2014
Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil 2003-2004
Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra* 2008-2009
O'Brien The Country Girls 1989-1990
O'Connor A Good Man Is Hard To Find 2009-2010
O'Connor Selected short stories 2017-2018
Oe A Personal Matter 1998-1999
Olsen Tell Me a Riddle 2008-2009
O'Neill Long Day's Journey Into Night 2019-2020
Ormerod Butterfly Economics 2003-2004
Orwell 1984 2017-2018
Ovid Metamorphoses* 1995-1996
Ozick Save My Child! 1998-1999
Petrarch Poems* 1997-1998
Petronius The Satyricon* 2001-2002
Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author 1997-1998
Planck Physics and World Philosophy 2007-2008
Plato Symposium 1987-1988
Plato The Crito 1988-1989
Plato The Apology 1991-1992
Plato Crito 1993-1994
Plato Symposium 1994-1995
Plato Phaedo 2001-2002
Plato Apology 2004-2005
Plato The Republic* 2006-2007
Plato Apology 2007-2008
Plato Protagoras 2011-2012
Plato Symposium 2017-2018
Plutarch The Life of Pompey 1991-1992
Poe The Fall of the House of Usher 2006-2007
Poe "The Cask of Amontillado" 2013-2014
Poggioli Storytelling in a Double Key 1999-2000
Porter Old Mortality 2002-2003
Proust Swann's Way 1992-1993
Proust "Combray" from Swann's Way 2014-2015
Pushkin Eugene Onegin 2000-2001
Pushkin The Queen of Spades 1995-1996
Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel* 1995-1996
Racine Phaedra 1995-1996
Rawls     Distributive Justice* 2009-2010
Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front 2014-2015
Ridley The Origins of Virtue 1999-2000
Rilke Poems* 2001-2002
Rilke How Old Timofei Died With a Song 2008-2009
Robbe-Grillet The Secret Room 1998-1999
Rossetti Goblin Market 2007-2008
Roth Goodbye, Columbus 2005-2006
Roth The Ghost Writer 2008-2009
Rousseau The Social Contract 1989-1990
Rousseau Confessions* 1996-1997
Rousseau The Social Contract 2013-2014
Sappho Poems* 1997-1998
Saunders Selected short stories 2017-2018
Schopenhauer The Indestructibility of our Inner Nature 1991-1992
Schrodinger What Is Life? 2008-2009
Schwartz In Dreams Begin Responsibilities 1993-1994
Selzer Mortal Lessons 1998-1999
Shakespeare The Tempest 1987-1988
Shakespeare Othello 1989-1990
Shakespeare Hamlet 1990-1991
Shakespeare Macbeth 1991-1992
Shakespeare Coriolanus 1992-1993
Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing 1993-1994
Shakespeare The Tempest 1994-1995
Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice 1995-1996
Shakespeare Hamlet 1996-1997
Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 1997-1998
Shakespeare Richard II 1998-1999
Shakespeare Julius Caesar 1999-2000
Shakespeare Measure for Measure 2000-2001
Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice 2001-2002
Shakespeare Macbeth 2003-2004
Shakespeare King Lear 2004-2005
Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida 2005-2006
Shakespeare Cymbeline 2005-2006
Shakespeare Pericles 2006-2007
Shakespeare Twelfth Night 2007-2008
Shakespeare Henry IV, Part One 2008-2009
Shakespeare Othello 2009-2010
Shakespeare Hamlet 2010-2011
Shakespeare The Winter's Tale 2010-2011
Shakespeare The Tempest 2011-2012
Shakespeare King Lear 2012-2013
Shakespeare "Much Ado About Nothing" and selected sonnets 2013-2014
Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 2014-2015
Shakespeare "Henry IV, Part II" 2015-2016
Shakespeare "Henry V" 2016-2017
Shakespeare As You Like It 2017-2018
The Taming of the Shrew 2018-2019
Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra 2019-2020
Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra 1987-1988
Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra 1994-1995
Shaw Saint Joan 2004-2005
Shreve The Weight of Water 1998-1999
Simmel Individual Freedom 1989-1990
Smith Wealth of Nations 1988-1989
Smith Wealth of Nations 2013-2014
Sobel Longitude 2019-2020
Solzhenitsyn Matryona's Home 1995-1996
  The Song of Roland 1999-2000
Sophocles Antigone 1991-1992
Sophocles Antigone 1993-1994
Sophocles Oedipus the King 2001-2002
Sophocles Antigone 2011-2012
Sophocles "Oedipus Rex" 2014-2015
Sophocles "Oedipus at Colonus" 2016-2017
Sor Juana Reply to Sor Filotea… 1997-1998
Soyinka The Lion and the Jewel 1997-1998
Spence Missing Women 2003-2004
Stanton The Solitude of the Self 2011-2012
Stead The Little Hotel 1993-1994
Steinbeck The Chrysanthemums 2012-2013
Steinbeck Cannery Row 2014-2015
Stendhal The Red and the Black 1993-1994
Stevens Selected poems 2019-2020
Stone Under the Pitons 1998-1999
Swift Gulliver's Travels 1988-1989
Swift A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms 2006-2007
Swift "A Modest Proposal" 2017-2018
Synge The Playboy of the Western World 2008-2009
Selected poems 2018-2019
Vanity Fair 2018-2019
Thomas The Lives of a Cell 1996-1997
Thoreau Civil Disobedience 1988-1989
Thoreau Civil Disobedience 2005-2006
Thoreau "Where I Lived and What I Lived For" 2014-2015
Thucydides The History of the Peloponnesian War* 1990-1991
Thucydides The History of the Peloponnesian War* 2004-2005
Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilych 1990-1991
Tolstoy After the Ball 1992-1993
Tolstoy The Kreutzer Sonata, The Death of Ivan Ilych, and How Much Land Does a Man Need? 2002-2003
Tolstoy War and Peace 2007-2008
Tolstoy Anna Karenina 2010-2011
Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilych 2012-2013
Tolstoy "Second Epilogue to War and Peace" 2014-2015
Toole A Confederacy of Dunces 2015-2016
Trevor Selected Stories 2019-2020
Trollope The Warden 1996-1997
Trollope Barchester Towers 1997-1998
Trollope Doctor Thorne 1999-2000
Trollope The Warden 2006-2007
Twain The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 2007-2008
Twain The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg 2015-2016
Updike A&P 2009-2010
Veblen The Theory of the Leisure Class 2010-2011
Villon Ballade, and The Testament 1999-2000
Virgil The Aeneid* 1996-1997
Virgil The Aeneid* 1998-1999
Voltaire Candide 2000-2001
Washington Selections from Up From Slavery 2015-2016
Watson The Double Helix 2016-2017
Weber The Spirit of Capitalism 1994-1995
Welty The Golden Apples 2011-2012
Wharton Ethan Frome 2002-2003
Whitman Poems* 1991-1992
Whitman Out of the Cradle and Lilacs 2010-2011
Whitman Selected poems 2017-2018
Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest 2000-2001
Wilson Fences 2017-2018
Wollstonecraft Selections from Vindication of the Rights of Women 2015-2016
Woodward The Burden of Southern History 1997-1998
Woolf Mrs. Dalloway 1987-1988
Woolf A Room of One's Own 1993-1994
Woolf Powder 1998-1999
Woolf The Mark on the Wall 2007-2008
Woolf To the Lighthouse 2012-2013
Wordsworth "Tintern Abbey" & "Ode: Intimations of Immortality" 2013-2014
Yeats Selected poems 2018-2019
Yourcenar Memoirs of Hadrian 1998-1999