New EMS Bicycle Team


bike team logo
Cambridge Fire Department EMS Bicycle Team:

Cambridge MA Fire Department has placed 4 mountain bikes in service for Emergency Medical Response. The bikes carry saddle bags with EMS equipment including defibrillator, oxygen, bleeding control equipment such as gauze pads and tourniquets, narcan, band-aids, ice packs, and other equipment. All members are in communication via portable radio.

The 28 members of the bike team have taken a 16 hour course and are certified in urban emergency bike operation and response. The EMS Bike Team is staffed by Cambridge Firefighter EMTs and Paramedics and is deployed for special and high-profile events in the city such as the Independence Day Celebration, River Festival, Dance Festival, road races, and University Commencements. The Team is also deployed in the neighborhoods and Central and Harvard Squares on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

The Bicycle Team has the ability to respond quickly and safety through crowds in an urban environment, on and off street. During one recent major event, the Bicycle Team arrived first at a cardiac-arrest call. Team members were able to successfully revive and stabilize the patient who was then transported to a medical facility by conventional EMS ambulance.

bike team   bike team at HU commencement