Cambridge Retirement Board Meeting


Sheila Tobin Conference Room 100 CambridgePark Drive, Suite 101 Cambridge, MA 02140

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Vote to consider the minutes of the investment manager interviews held on January 3, 2019. Vote to consider the regular minutes of the meeting held on January 7, 2019. Vote to consider the executive session minutes of the meeting held on January 7, 2019.

Vote to consider payment of warrant #2 in the amount of $7,581,059.74 and Warrant #3 in the amount of $626,086.80.

Vote to consider the Superannuation retirement applications submitted by: Roxanne Davies, Sr. Housing Manager, Cambridge Housing Authority with thirty years, three months; Carlos Edwards, Mechanic Aide, Cambridge Housing Authority with twenty-five years, seven months; John Hathaway, Firefighter with thirty-six years; Kathleen Magner, Clerical Aide, Police Dept. with eighteen years, one month; Susan Marcone, Revenue Manager, Finance Dept. with thirty-four years, three months; Hussein Musa, Engineer, Dept. of Public Works with thirty years, eight months; Kevin Pierce, Maintenance Mechanic, Cambridge Housing Authority with thirty-two years, eight months; Andrea Rogers, Social Worker Supervisor, Cambridge Health Alliance with twenty years, eleven months; Robert Wilbur Jr., Laborer, Dept. of Public Works with twenty-four years, eleven months.

4.Redeposits / Make-up / Liability
Vote to consider the make-up of contributions requested by: 1. Agustin T. Castile, 3 years 1 month (pro-rated) 2. Agustin T. Castile, 3 months (pro-rated) 3. Charles J. McNeill, 2 months (pro-rated) 4. Richard S. Reichmann, 2 years 6 months (pro-rated) 5. Alden W. Ruml, 2 years (pro-rated) 6. Amy S. Spence, 3 years 1 month (pro-rated), requesting acceptance of liability and vote to consider the redeposit of refunds requested by: 1. John F. Hills, 7 years 7 months 2. James B. Lynch, 3 years

5.Refund Applications
Vote to consider five refund applications submitted in January.

6.Survivor Benefit - Barbara Rookard
Vote to consider the request for 12 (2) (d) survivor benefits from Barbara Rookard, surviving spouse of Nathanial Rookard, Working Supervisor in the Dept. of Public Works. Mr. Rookard died on January 11, 2019.

7.Accidental Disability Application - Joanne McEachern
Vote to consider the Accidental Disability application filed by Joanne McEachern, a Detective in the Police Dept. Ms. MeEachern is not represented by an attorney.

8.PERAC Memos
Memo #1 re: Annual Review of Medical Testing Fee Memo #2 re: Mandatroy Retirement Board Member Training - 1st Quarter 2019 Memo #3 re: 2019 Limits under Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2002 Memo #4 re: 2019 Limits under Secyion 23 of Chapter 131 of the Acts of 2010 Memo #5 re: COLA Notice Memo #6 re: Actuarial Data Memo #7 re: Buyback and Make-up Repayment Worksheets Memo #8 re: 2019 Interest Rate set at 0.1% Memo #9 re: Accounting Changes Memo #10 re: Administrative Reminders

9.Old Business

10.New Business
The Board may discuss items which were unanticipated at the time that the agenda was created.

11.Executive Session

12.Chairman's Report

13.Executive Director's Report


Notice of Retiree Deaths November Financials: General Ledger, Summary of Accounts, Trial Balance, Adjustments, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Wire Transfers Lazard Portfolio Review - December 2018

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